About Us

Welcome to Desert Sage Expressions!

We are your gift shop for fun tees, hoodies, and accessories! We have spent countless hours sourcing high-quality, low-cost items to bring a smile to our face...and hopefully yours! Check out our kitschy selection and enjoy FREE shipping as our gift to you!

As lovers of quirky and sometimes inappropriate statements, we found we struggled to find stores that sold quality products that fit our personality. This is why we created Desert Sage Expressions. We have that dry desert humor and bring sage advice 😂! Actually, we are based out of Nevada, and the Sagebrush is our state flower, this is our way to honor the desert state we call home. 

Why choose Desert Sage Expressions?

When you shop with us, you’ll see the Desert Sage difference. We are a small family-owned business focused on finding fun and unique products that you won’t find at your local box store. We work hard to find just the right products for you! 

When we’re not designing new statement pieces, we are finding ways to be a socially responsible company and buy from suppliers in the USA and donate to local charities.

We hope you enjoy our store and invite your friends to shop! Thank you from all of us at Desert Sage Expressions!